A Merry Christmas in Melbourne!

Since we travel over the holidays, we get the joy of celebrating multiple Christmases. This year, our first big Christmas was in Melbourne (as usual), but unlike the past years, the kids really knew what was going on so that made it so much more fun! We started the Christmas celebration with a drive up to Wickham park to drive through the Christmas lights display. The kids weren't as excited about it as I expected, but they did complain when we left. I'm sure we'll go back next year. After eating our Christmas dinner (Dustin's BBQ take out), we started the present opening. Since the kids only had about 8 or 10 presents each and we weren't pressed for time, the kids really enjoyed opening every present then playing with it for a while before moving on to the next one. Every gift seemed to be a "favorite", so it was so much fun to watch the kids. Nicole happened to be at the house that night too, so she volunteered to take pictures for us so that we could enjoy opening the presents too. Once again, yea for Cole!!! Annabelle's most favorite presents were her erector set (complete with kid screw drivers, a wrench, nuts and bolts, and more... I love that she's going to be handy just like me), her Dora light-up tennis shoes, and her Princess Belle tea set. Corgan loved everything! He got lots of books, and he wanted to read every one of them right away (but I think the Nemo one was his favorite). He also loved the soft soccer ball. Keith got a good flash light (it could even double as a night-stick), a power tool set (complete with stud finder, super cordless drill, and a cordless circular saw), and a photo cube for his desk at work. I had already gotten my share of Christmas presents earlier in the month in the form of my new MacBook Pro. Our Melbourne Christmas was wonderful and relaxing. :)

Here is Annabelle modeling her new Dora shoes.

Corgan excited about his Nemo book and his Cars toys.

Daddy realizing that the power tools set will probably get more use from Mommy.

More pictures from our Melbourne Christmas is up on our photo gallery.

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