My 32nd Birthday Party (FINALLY)!

Yes, I'm just now getting around to posting about my 32nd birthday party (in early August!)... THAT is how busy the last 6 months have been for me!

Back in February when we had Annabelle and Halle's birthday party at the park, they had an outdoor skating rink at the park and many of the adults took advantage of it. That gave me the idea to have an 80s Roller Skating party, and I decided to do that for my 32nd birthday in July. It was a BLAST! I love parties that you have to dress up for, and I love that SO MANY of my friends went all out with their 80s costumes. I took requests and made my own music mix of songs that I remember skating to as a kid plus other great 80s skating music (with lots of help from Erica!), spent a good deal of time scouting out the perfect 80s outfit for me and my family at thrift stores and teen clothing stores, and had TONS of fun! We really had a blast, and I was super-impressed with the skating skillz of some of my friends! Some of them were even able to skate backwards... fast! I did some of the cheating-version of backwards skating, and even tried my skillz out doing "shoot the duck". We had couple skating, reverse skate, slapped the hands of people on the sidelines, did the hokey pokey, had a guys and girls race (I won the girls' race, but only because the 2 people in front of me cheated and slowed down so that I could cross the finish line first!), did the Y-M-C-A, and just had a freakin' blast! It was a very memorable birthday party, and was something that I'll probably duplicate again in the future in the form of a 70s disco skating party. :)

A big thanks to all of my friends for really embracing their inner-80s and really making this party totally radical!

Erica's pictures and my pictures are up on our photo gallery.

P.S. In case you're wondering, here was the music playlist:
Take On Me- Ah Ha
Walk Like an Egypian- The Bangles
Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi
Uptown Girl- Billy Joel (I remember watching this video at the rink when I went in the early 80s)
Shake Your Love- Debbie Gibson
Carrie- Europe (I know it's spelled wrong, but how could I pass up on a song that says my name over and over?)
Supersonic- JJFad
Carry on my Wayward Son- Kansas
Footloose- Kenny Loggins
Material Girl- Madonna
Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley
It Takes Two- Rob Base
Tainted Love- Soft Cell
Mr. Roboto- Styx
Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
I Think We're Alone Now- Tiffany
Bust a Move- Young MC
Cool Rider- Michelle Pfifer (from the Grease 2 soundtrack)
Relax- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Regret- New Order
Tarzan Boy- Baltimora
Eat It- Weird Al
Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
Hangin' Tough- NKOTB
Jump- Van Halen
Karma Chameleon- Culture Club
Let's Hear it for the Boys- Deniece Williams
Thriller- Michael Jackson (another one that I remember watching the video of when I was little)
Private Eyes- Hall and Oates
Sally (That Girl)- Gucci Crew II
Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper (the only artist to make it on the playlist twice)
We Got the Beat- Go Gos
YMCA- The Village People


Angelle said...

SOOOO wish we could have been there. Will try to attend the next one.

AshtonApril said...

Ok Keri! I am now super jealous...I was hoping to get that for my 32nd...but no. it's all good though. My wedding reception is going to have all of that...YAY!! I might have to steal your playlist though if thats ok?