The Last Belle Update of 2008

The constant "Why?" question has been replaced with opposites questions such as "Do you like that, Yes or No?" "Is that bright or dark?" "Are you happy or sad?" The "Yes or No" one is very common and very cute. Keith and I have started asking each other questions phrased that way lately too because it's so cute. :)

She seems to think that the baby-version of everything is good. She doesn't like the Big Bad Wolf, but the baby Big Bad Wolf is good. She doesn't like mosquitoes, but baby mosquitoes are okay. Very cute.

Her vocabulary is amazing! She knows words that I don't even understand the first time that she says them because it never even enters my mind that she would know the word.

She asks lots of real questions now. Today she saw a flag and said The Pledge of Allegiance, then asked "What is 'justice for all'?" Try explaining justice to a 2 (nearly 3) year old!

She bites the back of her hand or her pointer finger whenever she gets embarrassed or nervous. She has even broken the skin on the back of her hand because she does it so much.

She says "I Love You THIS Much!" and stretches her arms as wide as she can!

She still needs naps, but doesn't want to take them. They usually end up happening around 5pm, if they happen at all.

She is a freak about dinosaurs, and especially "The Land Before Time". I'm 99% sure that her 3rd birthday party will have a dinosaur theme to it.

She has been very good about setting a good example for Corgan lately. She's really good about not doing things that he's not allowed to do in front of him. Although Annabelle doesn't have to do this anymore, when Annabelle brushes her teeth and Corgan is around, she will sit on the bathroom mat just like I make him do (because as little ones, they seem to fall so much and I don't want them to fall with a stick in their mouths). She's been VERY good lately about sharing with him (sometimes after a reminder or two) and explaining the whole concept of taking turns to Corgan.

Her favorite movies that she'll watch over and over and over (and over) again right now are "Dumbo", "Finding Nemo" (STILL!), Baby Einstein's "Baby Noah", and "The Land Before Time" (any episode, but especially the original). She still will ask to watch Dora 9 out of 10 times when I am trying to distract her with the television. She's a fan of the princesses, but isn't obsessed with them like many girls her age are.

She is a daredevil and loves to climb and jump on and off of things... high things... and things that are far apart. While I want her to be safe, I allow and encourage her to do things that challenge her physical abilities most times. She really likes gymnastics, but we're going to sit next semester out because both kids will be in school 5 days a week and on top of the cost of that, I don't want to have a commitment for them every day of the school week AND Saturdays (the only non-morning class available for both of them). Maybe in the summer we'll start back up... but then there's swimming lessons too, so we'll see.

She LOVES shopping. She might not always be good while we're on the shopping trip, but if she gets word that you're leaving the house to go shopping, you better believe she'll be right there begging to go with you. She doesn't like riding in the carts now though. That's a bit annoying and makes her hard to control (especially while keeping an eye on Corgan too).

She's all about matching. She likes to "match" her shoes to her clothes.

She is VERY excited about her "new room"! (so am I!!!!)

I can't believe that my little Belle is almost 3 years old already! She surprises me with new questions every day and I just LOVE how her little logical mind works. I can see so much of both of us in her, but can really see a lot of head-butting in our future since she really seems to have my stubbornness, determination, and logical rationalization of every situation. Bellee is awesome!

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