The Big Reaction

On Christmas Eve I twittered "[Keri Donald] thinks seeing Belle's face when she sees the dinosaur 'Santa' brought her is going to be the best part of Christmas this year!" Well... I was wrong.

I don't know if it was the early hour, the over-built anticipation, the overwhelmingness of the idea of Santa actually being at Grammy's house, or the size of the dinosaur in person, but Annabelle's reaction to her big present was more of a shy fear than a super excitement. The pictures and video of her reaction shows her non-excitement very well. :)

Once she got on the triceratops (which she later named "Tera"... explaining that she's the sister of "Cera" from The Land Before Time), she showed a little more excitement, but the nervousness was still there.

She finally perked up and expressed true joy when she got a candy cane (which only cost like 5 cents, as opposed to the big ole' dinosaur!)

Video of the amazing reaction!


Angelle said...

Has she been asking for this dinosaur?

It's funny that they never like exactly what you think they will.

Keri Donald said...

Yeap! It's what she has been answering for months whenever anyone would ask her what she wants for Christmas. It's also what she asked Santa for.

She does love it now, but her initial reaction wasn't nearly what I was expecting. :)