Tonight's Conversation with My Nearly 3 Year Old

This is a conversation that I had with Annabelle while putting her to bed tonight:

Annabelle: We should get Auntie Kristie's baby an angel. (we have a prayer angel that helps us to say prayers every night)
Mommy: Yes. We should.
A: Can we take it to the post office and mail it to her?
M: Yes, we sure can.
A: Where is Auntie Kristie's baby?
M: In her tummy... just like all babies are in their mommies tummies before they are born.
A: I was in your tummy?
M: Yeap.
A: And Corgan was in your tummy?
M: Yes, he was.
A: How did Corgan get out of your tummy?
M: The doctor helped him get out.
A: How did the doctor get his hands in your tummy? (I never mentioned anything about the doctor having his hands in my tummy!)
M: He had to cut Mommy's tummy open and pulled Corgan out. Then he fixed my tummy and made it all better.
A: Oh. And you're all better now?
M: Yeap.

The conversations that I have with Annabelle now amaze me! She's such a smart girl who asks so many intelligent questions and seems to really get the answers too!

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