No Way

Annabelle has started saying "No way!" all of the time. She doesn't say it in a nasty way, just in place of just saying "no". I don't think she got it from me because when I do say it it's always in a nasty tone, like when I see her hitting her brother, but who knows. It's actually pretty cute when she says it because she usually says it with a smile in response to a question like "Did you eat all of your lunch?" or "Do you want your Dora blanket?"

On a not-as-cute note, Keith and I were invited to a last second treat of dinner at Yellow Dog Cafe (one of our favorite fancy restaurants in the area), but when I say last second, I mean last second. I had about 3 minutes to make a couple of calls to see if I could get someone to watch the kids. Fortunately, Nikki graciously agreed to take Annabelle for the evening, and Corgan is usually pretty darn good when we go out so I thought we'd be golden, even at a fancy restaurant. I was wrong. :( Corgan was an angel for the first hour or more. He was so good that one of our dinner companions even commented "Wait. We're eating dinner with a baby and something is wrong. I haven't heard a peep out of him." I immediately told him not to jinx us, but apparently it was too late because not 5 minutes later Corgan started screaming. It was seriously a thing where one second he was fine, and the next he was screaming. I didn't know what happened. He had been eating all night so he wasn't hungry (but that didn't stop me from trying to give him more food). Keith and I each took turns walking him around outside. I tried giving him water in his sippy cup. I tried giving him "boo boos". I tried letting him sit on the floor. I tried letting him sit on my lap at the table. NOTHING worked. And he wasn't just whining, he was screaming. That is SOOO not like him. Fortunately, we were the only guests being affected because we were sitting on the deck outside and the only other guests who had been outside were already gone. After half-an-hour of the screaming and squirming, I finally decided to try taking him for a ride in the car. I drove for about 10 minutes and the screaming didn't slow down as the rain began to pour down again. So, I decided to call it a night. I only got through about half of my super Cosmo and the appetizer (portabello mushroom with cheese and spinach... Mmmmmmm). I had already ordered dinner, so Keith is going to bring it home to me.

Corgan continued to scream as I drove the 30 minutes to Nikki's to pick up Annabelle and then home. As soon as we got home I got him into his pjs and into bed. By the time I got Annabelle into the house and settled, Corgan was asleep. I guess he was just tired, but I think there had to be something else too it with how suddenly the episode came on. Maybe he was too full? Who knows.

Poo for our first night out that had to be cut short because Corgan couldn't handle it (especially since it was a free night at the YD!). Hopefully this isn't a regular thing because he's usually such a good boy when we're out, even after bedtime.


Christina said...

Why are kids so unpredictable?

Hopefully the food was yummy to go.

memento said...

I'm sorry to read that your evening out had to end that way. Hopefully a good night of sleep made him feel better...

Was the food good?

Kelly Albert said...

Aw... I hate that he ended up being a fussy boy, but jinx is the word of the week ;) See my blog- what the croup! Anyways, I'm glad that he was able to finally calm down. Maybe he had an upset stomach due to too much food- did you try giving him gas drops? Sometimes they just like to be at home!!! Sorry that you didn't get a night out sis!