An Empty Workshop

Here's what the workshop looked like at the end of the day yesterday. The walls have been removed, the insulation taken out, some electrical work moved, the workshop bathroom has been gutted, and the round corner in the workshop bathroom (to be the kids' bathroom post-renovation) has been squared off (YEA!! No more wasted space!).

Today they have squared off the other back corner (which will be in the media "fun" room), knocked out the wall between the two bathrooms (workshop bathroom and downstairs interior bathroom), reframed the new bathroom wall, adjusted the framing for a hall closet, and probably more, but I haven't been down in a few hours so I don't know. Today has been the noisiest day so far, but somehow the kids have still managed to take their naps and the noise just sounds like the sweet sound of construction to me!


Angelle said...

That looks awesome and there is nothing there. Keep those pictures coming!

ljkolumbus said...

looks like they have accomplished alot this week! Guess I cleared out of the downstairs bathroom just in time :) Miss you guys!

Jill Fosness said...

Wow! That is amazing- eerie really... Never did I think I'd see the shop that empty! I'm not going to recognize the place in a few more weeks! How exciting!