Xtreme Fighter Corgan

Corgan is being so violent with me lately. He bites me on the shoulder/arm/chest when I'm holding him, will bang my chin over and over again with his rock-hard noggin, scratches/pinches the back of my arms when I hold him on my hip, and has started punching me (with an amazing amount of force for a 20 pound baby boy) while I'm breastfeeding him. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he didn't like me.

One of the baby newsletter-type emails that I get had an article about the biting thing and suggested to tell him "No biting!" and put him down immediately as punishment. I tried that this afternoon, but when I put him down I either put him down in the wrong position or he leaned back to see me or out of anger, because he immediately fell backwards to hit his head on a vacuum cleaner. So, of course, I had to pick him back up right away. So much for that "lesson".

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Chelsi said...

Ouch, it hurts to read all Corgan's new habits! Ethan went through a phase with biting us too. We handled it similarly to what your article said - told him calmly not to bite and put him on the floor or diverted him to another activity right away... it seems to have worked because it rarely happens anymore.

So, keep trying it with Corgan and I bet it will pay off!! When Ethan is too rough with me, I'd always tell him "gentle" and that seemed to help as well.