My Permanent Babysitter

At the beginning of the month my parents arrived for a week-long visit with the family. My dad had to go home to get back to work, but my mom happily agreed to stick around to help me with the kids and the house while I try to get the 1000s of things that I need to get done completed. It's so crazy, but although I'm getting LOTS of stuff done, it seems like I don't have the time to do the things that I normally do like blogging, taking pictures, and posting pictures. My theory is that I have been so busy trying to do the things that I can't do with the kids around, that the things that I normally do with the kids around have been put on the back burner. Anyway, my mom has been a God-send and hasn't complained once... even when Corgan wasn't being his normally happy little self because we've all been passing around a killer cold! It feels good to know that if I need to stay up late to get something done, I can actually plan on taking a nap the next day to make up for it. The kids are loving having her around too, and Annabelle is even preferring Grammy (or "Da-rammy" as it sounds when she says it) to Mommy quite often lately. Since our garage completion has been continually delayed (but we should get final sign-off next week... fingers crossed!) and helping with watching the kids while I paint and get everything moved into the new garage was the initial reason that my mom stayed longer in the first place, she's now planning to stay until at least the 4th of July. YEA!

So... playing catch up (again) with my pictures, I just posted a few albums that are nearly a month old now. Hopefully I'll have more albums together soon. Visit our photo album and check out The Cousins' First Professional Photo Shoot, April Playtime, and April Poses albums (yes, pictures from April... I told you I was behind!).


memento said...

The pictures look great! I just love the picture of Annabelle by the water. You could turn that one in a poster for her bedroom without any problem I think

Nikki said...

Hooray for grandparents! So glad to hear how much your parents are enjoying their time with their grandkids. And I can't wait to see all the changes to your house!!