On Angelle's recommendation, I recorded a recent episode of Signing Time! for Annabelle. I've been looking for more things to continue to teach her signs, and after watching an episode, I'm hooked (and so is Belle). The episode that we watched was all about sports and one of the signs that she learned was "game". She still has a hard time with the signs that require fingers to be in specific places, so I helped her get to stick her thumbs out to sign game on her own. As soon as she signed it, she said "like puzzle". I didn't realize it until she said it, but the sign for "puzzle" that they use on the Baby Einstein Around the House video is really "game" (or some variation of it). I love that she put that together all by herself!

Side note: I'm a little confused about the sign for puzzle. I just looked it up on the ASL browser that I use as a reference for new signs and their sign for puzzle is nothing like the one that they do on the Baby Einstein video. Hmmmm. Weird.

Unrelated note: New pictures from May 23rd, Benjamin's 3rd Birthday Party, are up on our gallery.

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Angelle said...

That's awesome that she made that connection all by herself. With all the signs Annabelle already knows, I bet she gets more and more fluent with the Signing Time videos.