Thanks and Love

When I put Belle to bed at night, on my way out the door I say "I Love You Annabelle" (or "Baby" or any other number of terms of endearment that I use for her) and she usually responds with "I Love You Mommy". Sometimes the response requires a reminder of "What do you say to Mommy?" A couple of nights ago, I said my usual "I Love You Baby" and paused for a response. When I didn't get a response I said "What do you say?" and she responded "Thank You!" and immediately started laughing hysterically at the joke that she had just made. I'm sure it was probably a slip up, but the timing of the response and laugh seemed like she had been waiting to make that joke all day long. Of course, I cracked up at her too (how can you not laugh along when a toddler is cracking herself up anyway?), then repeated my question waiting for my "I Love You" and she kept responding "Thank You" every time. It was a pretty funny little nighttime exchange that is still making me smile days later. :)

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