Welcome Baby Elena!

Congratulations to Nikki, Jason, and big sister Halle on the birth of their newest beautiful addition to the family, Elena Nicole. When I talked to Nikki less than an hour after Elena was born, she sounded wonderful and not-at-all like she had just given birth and the pictures from Erica tell the same story. :)

It's so crazy that Elena gave us such a scare when Nikki was only 33 weeks pregnant, and Nikki ended up being induced at nearly 39 weeks along! I can't wait to get my hands on beautiful little Elena as soon as I'm 100% healthy again! Welcome to the world, Baby Elena!

P.S. Thank you Erica for the pretty picture to accompany my blog entry. :)


Erica Lynn said...

awe I love what you did with that shot! :)

Nikki said...

Awe, thanks!! I love the photo announcement!