Development for Arrested Development?

I was watching my main source of news this morning, The Today Show, and one of my now favorite actors, Jason Bateman, was on. In the midst of rambling on about the new Will Smith movie, he mentioned that an Arrested Development movie is seriously being discussed! Of course, I excitedly jumped on Google and found more fodder for excitement, including this...

AD is even already listed on IMDB for a 2009 movie. If you haven't seen this show that is "television's smartest sitcom ever", you can either borrow the dvds from me or watch it for free on hulu. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out!

Although TV-to-movie movies generally aren't worth watching, Sex and the City has given me hope. Plus, it's Arrested Development... it's gotta be good!

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Nikki said...

Holy crap!!! I can't wait!