Oh Trap!

Tonight Annabelle was getting ready to go to bed in "Grammy's Room" downstairs, and she (Belle, not Grammy) had to use the downstairs potty. She went into the bathroom and spotted some cat poop on the floor (we keep the litter box in the workshop, and the workshop door to the outside was open most of the day for the construction so we had to lock the cat door so the cats don't escape which also means they weren't able to get to the litter box... sigh). She came running to my mom and I and said "Uh oh! Follow me!" So we followed her into the bathroom where she pointed out the poop and said "Cat did poopie." I said "Oh no." Then she very seriously turned to me and said "Oh trap!" (her version of "Oh crap!") I couldn't help but bust out in laughter, and neither could my mom. Of course, we just reinforced that saying "Oh trap!" is funny... but it is! I couldn't help it!

It could be worse. Right, Liz? ;)


Angelle said...

That is hilarious!

Also, may I say that I love that you blog so late at night. This means I usually have something to read when I get up at the crack of dawn. :)

Liz said...

Could be much worse... Ella likes to say "Shit" all the time - of course that's all my fault, but she has slowed down a lot with it. She also likes to say "Oh My God" (Ohhhh maaahhhh Gaaahh-duh) and "Jesus!!" Of course I know it isn't "politially correct" for her to say these things, but it's too cute.
We don't react positively or negatively when she says these things, and slowly they have left her vocabulary. I've discovered if I tell her no or tell her it's wrong, she says it more. Since we don't react - she doesnt say it much anymore.
I agree - it's hilarious.

Christina said...

Yup and it is funny how they always know the exact moment to say them.