Formal Letters

I hate having to pretend to be all formal and professional. I just finished writing a letter to the owners of the lot that neighbors ours because we just found out yesterday that they are about to start construction on an apartment complex on the lot to the west of us! That news alone is bad enough, and there's nothing that I can do about that (but seriously? Building apartments in this economy? What kind of morons are you?), but I also found out that they are planning to tear down ALL of the vegetation that lines our driveway! The vegetation is technically on their land so they have a right to do that, but they are replacing the vegetation with a CHAIN LINK FENCE, shrubs that will start 3ft and grow to 5ft within a year, and sparsely placed 10 ft trees! That just flat out SUCKS! That will totally ruin the whole serene nature vibe that we have going! So anyway, my letter was basically begging them to reconsider A. Cutting down the vegetation (which they're supposedly going to start on next week!) and B. Using a chain link fence (not that there's anything wrong with a chain link fence... it would just look so out of place in our yard and would provide NO privacy for our yard which will now have a parking lot full of apartment dwellers for neighbors rather than the fun loving cows that we've known since living in our barn). So, anyway, I wrote this one page letter with my reasons, blah, blah, blah and was trying to sound all professional and formal. Thank goodness for Word templates and spell checkers, but still... writing a formal letter is annoying.

So, I'm off to send the letter now. Wish me luck! I assume we'll either hear something very soon or will see the trees disappear within a week.


Nikki said...

Oh good lord. That really stinks! Sorry, Keri! I hope it turns out to not be as bad as it sounds, or even better.. I hope it falls through completely. At the very least, I hope they read your letter and take you guys into consideration!

Anonymous said...

ask for a cement wall at least to act as a noise barrier and people barrier. will also keep low life apartment dwellers on their side of the fence. that so sucks. NvL

Christina said...

Ughh...what is a barn without cows!

As you can see I haven't quite made it back to work yet. My laptop also crapped out so I haven't read blogs in like three days :-)