Ailment Update

We're all doing much better.  Corgan is still having trouble breathing and goes into violent coughing fits, but his eyes look much better and he doesn't seem to be in pain from the ear infection, sore throat, or teething anymore. Annabelle still has a little bit of nose drippage, but everything else seems good. I sound like a case-a-day smoker and nearly lost my voice yesterday, but my excessive coughing and stopped up nose is now the worst of it (and the cough is starting to make my throat sore again). And Daddy is now moving on to the fun coughing and stopped up head part of it.

At least this thing is on it's way out, although this "way out" phase usually seems to last a whole week or so before the cough drops can be put away for good.


Christina said...

I'm glad that the demons are leaving the building.

Nikki said...

Is Keith speaking at the conference he's at? Hope his throat and voice are ok. Glad to hear you guys are all feeling better. Hope you're getting some much needed rest again!

I hate that being pregnant, having a toddler, and not getting any sleep over here is preventing me from being able to help you more. I know its small solace, but I really do wish I could help! When everyone is healthy again, let me know and I'll watch your kids for an afternoon so you can have some time to yourself!