Some Like It Hot

I LOVE my showers super-hot! After months of showering with semi-hot water, I'm SO glad that my shower is back to super-hot again (thanks to my handy-woman skillz!)! I know, I know... "That's not very green of you Keri", but now that I'm a mom I don't shower often, so it's okay. ;)

Speaking of "hot"... I watched another movie off of the AFI list the other day, Some Like It Hot. According to AFI, not only is it #14 of the top 100 films ever, but it's the #1 comedy ever. I'm sure the movie was very risque for it's time (with cross dressing, men accidentally kissing men, grabbing boobies, etc.) which contributed to it's humor-factor back then (it was made in the late 1950s), but I found it mildly entertaining. I have a hard time getting past the forced acting of movies of that time period, especially comedies. I even have a hard time understanding what they're saying sometimes, not because of accents or anything, but because of the way that they yell all of the lines. And even though the movie was not meant to be taken seriously, it annoys me when movies ignore obvious things like the fact that the guys disguised as girls were in a room across the hall from Marilyn Monroe's character, and the doors were not even solid doors (they had slats in them), yet anytime the guys were in the room they would talk at a regular pitch in their regular man voices and no one ever heard them or suspected anything... even though the whole floor was supposed to be women with their band! I know, petty, but... whatever. It also was silly to me that just because they were dressed like women, all of the men who saw them seemed to be hitting on them, yet they weren't doing the same thing to the other real women who were better looking and not big burly "women" like these two appeared to be. Having said all that, it was an okay movie and one that I'm glad to have seen from a historical and movie-references point of view. I'm just not very into slapstick-type comedy anyway, and it seems the definition of comedy really changes from decade to decade, so I definitely wouldn't rate it as #1 on my list of the funniest movies of all time. I mean come on... it's no Pootie Tang. :)

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Chelsi said...

It is interesting to see how comedy has changed over time! One thing I loved about the movie was it accurately portrayed healthy looking women (besides the big burly men disguised as women of course!), something rarely seen in films today.