Big Girls at the Playground

Yesterday we were supposed to meet Shelby at Pump It Up for a playdate, but didn't find out until getting there (well, until Kathy and Shelby got there and called to let us know) that they weren't open on Thursdays anymore (even though their website still says that they are). :(  Since we were already out and the kids were already pumped (haha!) about playing, we decided to hit a local playground instead.  Annabelle is already climbing all over the playground without my help!  I think this is the first time that I haven't had to go down a slide with her or walk her up the steps or anything!  Of course she didn't do the really-big kid things like monkey bars or a fire-pole, but she did all of the steps (even a rock climbing type thing) all by herself.  I went up there with her a couple of times, but not because she needed me to.

The most amazing thing to me was when she ran up to a bar, wrapped her hands around it, and lifted her feet up to hang!  When she was in gymnastics I used to try to get her to hang on the bar, but she didn't like it and would only do it when I lifted her to it and held my hands around hers.  I believe toward the end, she'd stay hanging by herself for a little bit, but not long.  It's funny how little things like "hanging" seem like such big accomplishments.

More pictures of the day at the playground are on our website.


Anonymous said...

We had fun! Cute pictures...sorry my daughter was such a ham!

Angelle said...

I can't believe how big Annabelle is now. I would really like to get down there and let the girls play now that they are old enough to actually PLAY!

Mirdonamy said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to be a kid again!

Chelsi said...

They are SO cute together. That looks like a cool playground, where is it?