Missing Each Other

Tonight Annabelle and Keith went out for a special date to the Melting Pot, so Corgan and Juliet stayed home with me.  Corgan had to go to bed before they got home. After he said his prayers, he began to cry, not because he thought it wasn't fair because he had to go to bed before Annabelle, but because he was sad that he wasn't going to get to kiss Annabelle and Daddy goodnight!  Once I promised him that I would have both of them come in and kiss him when they got home, he was able to calm down and go to sleep.

By the time that Annabelle and Keith arrived home, Corgan was well asleep.  I told Annabelle he wanted her to come kiss him goodnight.  She did that, then told me she wanted to sleep on the floor in his room.  She NEVER asks to do that.  We made her a palette on the floor, and she curled up and went to sleep.

I love when they miss each other!

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