Preschool Sex-Ed?

This afternoon, Annabelle was telling me "Today Mr. Science told us about little things that are inside of you that turn into kids."

This immediately got my attention so I prodded for more information by asking "Oh yeah? What are they called?"
Annabelle: "I don't remember, but I can draw you a picture of them. They look like little circles that break apart, then break apart again and again until they turn into a kid."
Me: "And you don't remember what they're called?"
Annabelle: "No."

At this point, she went to draw a picture of this "circle" that turns into a kid. Do I just have baby on the brain or would you have also thought she had attended a sex-ed class in preschool today?

Anyway, she returned with a picture of a circle with dots and lines on it. Amazingly, she drew it so well that I immediately recognized her drawing from my 9th grade biology class! It was a cell! And when I said "Oh! Is that a cell?" She excitedly responded "Yes!"

Whew! I am generally pretty honest with my kids about how life becomes life, but I never imagined they'd be teaching about eggs and sperm in preschool! Glad to find out that I was right! :)

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