Sweet Siblings

Keith and Corgan left to spend a few days in Alabama at Keith's family's house early Saturday morning. Keith had to go up to Atlanta for a conference this week and had an opportunity to speak to two of the business classes at UA too, so he went and thought it would be fun to take Corgan for a boys' trip. They've had some travel hiccups (including over 24 hours without their luggage), but sounds like they're having lots of fun.

Before Corgan left on Saturday morning, he told me that he wanted Annabelle to go with him. He said "I gonna miss my Annabelle." And Annabelle has mentioned how much she misses Corgan many times since he left. She's said "I wish Corgan wouldn't have gone to Alabama without me." and "I wish I could have gone to Alabama with my brother." Last night I talked to Corgan and Keith on the phone, and as soon as Annabelle heard that I was talking to Corgan, she said "I want to talk to my brother." They had an adorable conversation for about 5 minutes, and about 3 minutes of it was talking about Super Mario games. When Keith or I are gone, we can hardly get more than a "Hi. I miss you. I love you. Bye." out of either kid, but they wanted to talk to each other for quite a long time for a 2 and 4 year old.

It's so sweet how much they love each other. I'm anxious to see how they react when they're back together again. I love my loving kiddos!


Nikki said...

That's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! I was reading your post trying to think of how my kids reacted when they were apart and I realized...they never spent a day apart!!! They are 8 1/2 and 6 1/2 and never had more than a few hours away from each other...crazy!

Shelby came home from school today with a heart that she made. On the heart it said "Something I will love forever is....She wrote "my brother because he is my best friend." It made me cry :)