Updating My Resume

I have another "skill" to add to my resume, "Little boy short haircut haircutter" (maybe that's not the technical or professional term, but I think it gets the point across). :) Instead of taking Corgan for another torturous (and semi-expensive) buzz cut at the salon, I decided to use that money to invest in my own set of hair cutting tools.

My mom has cut my dad's hair for years, so we set up shop in the kitchen and she cut Papa's hair first to ease Corgan into the idea. While she was doing that, I even trimmed Belle's hair a little, then applied pink dye to both her hair and mine (just a streak). By the time it was Corgan's turn, it was great! Not one single scream! He even laughed saying that it tickled. :)

Pictures before the haircut. He was just grumpy because I was trying to make him take pictures and he didn't want one.

During the haircutting sesh. See the huge grin? :)

From looking at the before and after pictures it doesn't seem like there was that much cut off, but look at the length of the hair on the highchair tray by his elbow!

And after! He looks so handsome! He does nearly-bald so well!


Nicole4FLDU said...

Flowbee baby! We usta use on the dawgs to cut their hair! hahahahha!

Anonymous said...

He looks so...much like Keith! Adorable pictures!


Nikki said...

Great job, Keri!

I just LOVE Corgan's smile!

Haha.. my word verification word is "carrie" :)