My Mathematician

Many of you may not know this, but one of my minors in college was Mathematics. I have always loved math from the early days when I remember my mom saying that I should be a banker when I grow up because of my love for counting money all the way up to pissing off everyone in my highest level college math classes because I was always messing up the scale. While I can't even tell you what "log n" means now, I seriously rocked my Mathematics minor with a 4.0, and even had a 100 average in a couple of the classes.

Anyway, I'm thinkin' Annabelle is going to be following in Mommy's mathematical footsteps. Even at 3 years old, she seems to have the same logical mind that I do, and yesterday... she did subtraction on her own without even knowing it.

We were at Target, which has become one of our favorite places to eat chicken fingers lately (Seriously, if you haven't tried them, you're missing out! They rule! Just make sure that they cook them fresh for you!). The chicken fingers were fresh, and therefore HOT. So, the kids asked me to cut them up for them. Annabelle had 3 pieces left to eat before she could get her cookie for dessert. She looked down at her three pieces and said...

"I have 3 pieces left. But after I eat one, I will only have two pieces left. Then after I eat two of them, I will only have one piece left."

Wow! Occasionally I'll slip a simple addition lesson in here and there, but I don't really work on her with math skills.. especially not subtraction. In fact, when she said that my response was "You just did math!" And she said "Huh?" When she did all of that subtraction, she didn't even pick up the pieces to separate and count them... she just knew!

Momma's girl, indeed! She's soooo like me!

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Angelle said...

I remember the first time Leah did the counting down. As a teacher, I was so impressed that she was "subtracting" in simple form. Congrats Annabelle on reaching this new milestone!