My "CORGAN" Craft

Again, I've had this one in my head for a long time, but have been waiting for all of the right letters to execute it. Now that I finally have them all and have them hung, I LOVE it!

The "C" was bought at Urban Outfitters. It came as bare wood, so the kids and I painted it white, then brown, then green and sanded it down so that all of the colors showed through.

The "O" is an orange Smashing Pumpkin's record. I had been looking all over for a colorful record to use for O when I all of the sudden realized that Keith had a framed Siamese Dream album cover that Fancy had given him a long time ago, and I decided to look in it to see if the record was actually in it too. And it was! And it was orange, one of the colors of Corgan's room! Even though you can't see it in person because the record is up so high, I chose to display the side with "Cherub Rock" (because Corgan is my little rockstar cherub) and "Hummer" (one of Keith's favorite Pumpkin's songs).

The "R" is an ebay buy. I don't know much about it except that it looks cool. :)

The "G" is also from Urban Outfitters. When I saw it I knew it was the perfect color green for Corgan's room, and I love the metal with enamel. It looks like a real letter that you would see outside of a shop.

The "A" is a rusty metal star. I chose a star to go with the whole "rockstar" theme. I had seen these letters before, but as soon as I started looking for them, I couldn't find them in stores anymore. Of course, after I bought this one on eBay, I started seeing them in stores again. Oh well. At least I got what I wanted.

The "N" is an actual letter from an exit ramp sign in NYC. I got it on eBay. It is white enamel, complete with reflectors.

I really couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Here's a look at it in relation to the rest of the room. It really stands out and makes your eye go to it when you first walk in the room, even though it's up 10 feet. As soon as Annabelle saw it she said "I want my name in my room too!"


Nikki said...

LOVE it !!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! You are so creative :)

Jill Fosness said...

Oh my god! That is hilarious! Who would have thought then that one day you would use that record for decoration in your son's room?!?! Awesome!

Looks great!