First Day of Summer School

Although they're going to the same school, both kids have new teachers and mostly new classmates for summer school, but I was SOOOO pleasantly surprised at how easily they both seem to have adjusted to the change already! They both went right to their new rooms with their new teachers. I've been talking to Annabelle about her new class and about having a new teacher for a couple of weeks, since she was so resistant to change classes earlier this semester. When we walked in the door to school this morning, as soon as Annabelle heard the lady at the front desk say what room her class is in, she ran to that room on her own. I took Corgan to his new class. Fortunately, they start out the day in the same room that he was in before so that transition wasn't bad. There's only one student from his other class in there, and he wasn't one of the kids who Corgan played with much. Corgan didn't cry at all though, and even after I had gone to Annabelle's class to meet her teacher and tell Annabelle goodbye, he was still doing okay.

I think Annabelle is going to do really great in her new class. There are lots of kids from her class from last summer in there, and the teacher seems really nice. Corgan's teacher was raved about by everyone who mentioned her. The only thing that worries me is that Corgan's class is ALL BOYS! I guess that's not a big deal, but I know Corgan likes to play with the ladies too, and I don't want him getting all testosterone and starting the pushing, biting, etc. stuff. I know this is about the age that they really start that too. I can't imagine the craziness that the teacher is going to have with all of those boys in there!

Here's a pic that I snapped as the kids were sitting at the bottom of our steps waiting to put on their shoes this morning before school.


Angelle said...

How adorable! Are they in school full time for the summer? What are their hours?

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture! I have never heard of summer school for little ones?

Keri Donald said...

It's the same school that they go to during the year, but during the summer they do more fun and outdoor stuff. They have "waterplay" days, which is basically where they let the kids loose to play in the mud with a sprinkler and shaving cream. :) Annabelle LOVED it last year!

They'll be going 5 days/week (just mornings, 8:30-11:30, or until 12:30 if they stay for lunch) during June, then we tentatively have them scheduled for just Thursday and Friday during July depending on if we get the swimming lessons we want in the mornings in July.

Nikki said...

That's great that they transitioned so well. Adorable picture of them too!