A New Bedtime

Tonight we are all going to sleep in our new rooms! I have been waiting for this day (or night) for over 2 years! YEA!

Bedtime went pretty well. Other than the new rooms, I tried to keep it as close to the way it was before to make the transition easy. While Daddy kept running up the stairs to get nighttime essentials that we forgot to bring down in the first place, the kids and I read 2 books in Corgan's room, then I rocked both kids through one song from Rockabye's Smashing Pumpkins CD. Corgan laid down in his crib with his blankies, and Annabelle and I were off to her new room to put her in bed. She did pretty well too, except that she calmly explained to me that she didn't want to sleep in her new bed, she wanted to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor. I guess after 5 months of sleeping in a tent in the living room, she's gotten used to the hard floor. She told me that on Tuesday she'll sleep in her new bed and that I shouldn't be sad. The whole "Tuesday" thing definitely made me smile. I conceded and set up her sleeping bag in the middle of the floor, then we went through her nighttime routine (prayers, "La Lechuza" while scratching her back, and kisses) and she is now down for the night too.

Our bed is all made and waiting for us too! We still don't have the bed frame, but we have the mattresses, complete with sheets and our new king-size pillows. I tested it out, and I can't wait to cuddle up on our new cloud we call a bed!

P.S. Tonight after prayers, Annabelle asked what "Amen" means. I told her it means "I love you God, and I'm done talking now." Does anyone have a better definition? :)

P.P.S. Corgan's bed in his new room:

Annabelle's bed in her new room:


ljkolumbus said...

I'm so happy you have finally gotten to this day (night). so cute that Belle wanted to wait until Tuesday to sleep in her bed :) Amen! That is perfect.. Love you

Kelly Albert said...

That's awesome sister- I know you have been waiting forever for this moment. I'm really excited for you and can't wait to see the finished product.

Jim said...

That's a great working definition for Annabelle. :) FWIW, the actual meaning of "Amen" is a lot more powerful. It literally means "Truly". It has the connotation of "signed & sealed" of a legal document: you know/trust that what has been said will be acted upon by the receiver. (And since the receiver is God....) In other words, with that Amen you're signifying that it's not just a bunch of random wishes/words, but that you fully trust God to work His loving and holy will in your prayer.

Anonymous said...

Keri, I love your definition for Annabelle...perfect for little minds. Jim, I love your complete definition...really powerful.

Congrats on the new rooms! I can't wait to visit! Love you. Jill E.

Sally said...

I'm days behind on this as I've been away all week, but I was going to put that Amen means 'so be it; let it be done' and that when other people repeat the Amen it means they agree with your prayers and trust God to answer them in His way, but then I read what Jim put and it's far better than I could have written, so Amen to that!

And congratulations on getting everyone to their rightful rooms!