Baseball Belle

The other day Annabelle picked up her bat and asked us to throw the ball to her so she could hit it. So, Alf pitched and Keith coached her, and she did AMAZING! When the pitch was hittable, she hit it at least 50% of the time! She even stands sideways, steps forward, keeps her eye on the ball, and bats left-handed! She's destined to be a baseball and/or softball star! Check her out:

She's freakin' awesome! I love in the second video when she misses one and says "Try again Alf!". :)

This got me thinking, lately she's been asking about gymnastics A LOT (I didn't sign her up this semester because with both kids in school 5x/week, I didn't want them to have too full of a schedule), asks about swimming and swimming lessons almost daily, has been wearing her thrift-store tap shoes (or "snap shoes" as she calls them) and wants to learn to dance in them, and now she's all excited about baseball! I want to get her involved in activities this summer, but I also want to keep her in school. I don't want to turn into a "soccer mom" driving all over the place all of the time with a taxi-like schedule, but I want her to be able to do some of these non-school things that she's so excited about. I guess we'll see what the schedule looks like when summer gets here.


Christina said...

She's doing great! Go Belle!!!

Angelle said...

We don't have school over the summer, so I tend to go overboard on activities to keep us busy. But I think it is important to allow them to try things to see what they enjoy and/or are good at.

Arielle Haze said...

She's an awesome hitter! Wow, that's incredible! I say, sign her up for as much as she can handle. I did ballet, gymnastics and karate as a kid! I look back on those times with great memories! I don't remember being tired, but I am sure I was! :)