Check AND Check!

Way back in early December, I was able to check off one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to be the biggest loser: I want to take some great pictures of just Keith and I, and I want to look super-hot in them. Thanks to Erica, I have a set of some pictures that I absolutely LOVE and will definitely be putting up in my house soon!

Also, although I didn't specifically list it as one of my reasons, another thing that I was hoping to get out of the contest was to get back into my wedding dress again. Back when I was looking for a wedding dress, I had in mind that I wanted something that I could wear again on my anniversaries for sentimental reasons AND to help keep my weight in check. I did wear the dress for our first anniversary dinner at Chart House (it was tight even then), but the 2nd year I was already 6 months pregnant. Then the 3rd year, I had a 9 month old and was on my way back down the scale but was still at least 15 pounds more than I needed to be. The 4th year, I had a 3.5 month old and I definitely wasn't fitting into the dress. But for my 5 year anniversary, I was able to fit back into the dress for this beautiful photo session (be sure to click through to see the pics)! I almost couldn't get it to zip up over my ribcage (NOT my boobs, my ribcage which has gotten bigger from having the two kids), but we managed to get it! This is one of my very favorite pictures that shows off the dress in an awesomely artistic (and HOT!) way:

Thank you SOO much to Erica for helping to make this wish a reality... and for doing it SO well. I'm not typically a great model (Keith, on the other hand, takes some totally awesome pictures without even trying), so you can see how great she is to be able to bring out the model in a non-model (if you've seen my "sexy face", you know what I mean)! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Beautiful! Erica does amazing work!!!

The kids made me try on my wedding dress when we moved to GA (they saw it as we were unpacking). I was nervous that it wouldn't fit, but after almost ten years and 2 kids it was a little big! Isn't that a great feeling :) Nothing like rockin' our thirties, right? :)

You look fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures of the new house!


Scott and Dalana Zech said...

Your favorite picture is also my favorite. You look beautiful.