One more reason...

I can't believe I forgot to list this reason for why I want to be the biggest loser because it seriously is one of my most motivating factors... I want to take some great pictures of just Keith and I, and I want to look super-hot in them (in an innocent, pretty, and casual sort of way). Erica has been sending links of great photographers to me for months and one that is especially talented is Jessica Claire. She is one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world (or something like that) and takes AMAZING pictures of couples. Since I first saw her pictures, I have wanted to have Erica take pictures of Keith and I in Jessica's style, but I haven't thought that I would feel comfortable enough in front of a camera for the pictures to really come out as perfect as they possibly could. I would be worried that I was slouching too much and my tummy rolls would be showing, or that my arms would look too big, or something. I know photoshop does wonders, but I want it to be real (except for the photoshop filters and actions and stuff, of course). :) So... I can't wait to lose weight so that I can have a fun, relaxed, and beautiful photo session with my Love!

P.S. This is one of the last pictures of just Keith and me that I really love! We were in Oslo, Norway at Vigeland Park, and I was 4 months pregnant (so I guess technically, it wasn't just the two of us in the picture) which means it was taken nearly 3 years ago!

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Mirdonamy said...

Jessica's work is great. She's known very well over here in LA too :)

Good luck with the challenge. I have way too many birthdays coming up to quit cake right now :) heehee