Why Do I Want to Be the Biggest Loser?

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I'm planning to compete in (and win) a Biggest Loser contest among friends. Since committing to the competition, I've been thinking... What are my reasons for wanting to be the biggest loser?

  • Getting my wedding and engagement rings to fit the right fingers.
  • Having the money (and an excuse) to throw out all of my non-maternity 3+ year old wardrobe and buy a whole new style and age-appropriate wardrobe without feeling guilty for spending that money on myself.
  • A step toward achieving one of my life-goals of completing a 5K in less than 26 minutes.
  • To keep up with my kids.
  • To maybe wear a bikini again.
  • So that I don't have the appetite of a horse.
  • To stop giving all of my money away to fast food joints.
  • To teach my kids to eat healthier.
  • So that I feel like one sexy momma!
I honestly am okay with the way that I look now, but I really want to do this so that I feel better and have energy again.  Hopefully this contest is going to be just the kick in the pants that I need.  Plus I'm done with breastfeeding (we stopped a couple of weeks ago on Corgan's 11 month birthday), so I don't need to keep those extra fat cells around for that now.  I actually went and scouted out a gym that I like (with a daycare that I feel comfortable with too) and have come up with a workout schedule.  A few years ago when Nikki and I were on a workout and weight loss kick, I did Weight Watchers and that worked really well for me.  I didn't do the meetings and stuff, I just had the books and formula card so I just kept count of my "points" on my own and I lost 20 lbs in about 3 or 4 months then, so hopefully I'll be able to do the same now.  I was working out like a crazy woman at that time (even going to the gym and/or running 2x a day), so we'll see how it all goes now that I have a REAL full time job of taking care of kids and not just that 9-to-5 crap. :)
Wish me luck!


Angelle said...

So are you gonna do WW again? I was thinking about doing it this time too. The biggest thing I HAVE to do is exercise. I have committed to doing something EVERY day and I WILL stick to it this time. Good luck!

Kelly Albert said...

Good luck sister. Those are all great reasons to be a "loser". Its def harder to get off pregnancy weight- I've learned that. Consistency is the key- remaining faithful to your WW diet- I've been doing that for a long time now- with the occasional splurge-but that really is the best diet out there that helps keep the weight off. Exercising- I do mostly cardio, then when I feel a little more smaller, then I start to add weights to tone. That's just my process.
If you eat the reqd amount of calories a day then exercising 700+ cal off you will def lose!!! That's my secret :)
Good luck- may the best "loser" win. I'm gonna send Nikki my check today.

Anonymous said...

ok, am gonna follow along with you guys... since i work 14 jobs i hav to realllly make time to exercise... am gonna buy some exercise dvd's tonight on the way home... and will keep track of my weight/measurements/food in a food journal... ugh! nicole

memento said...

They all sound like good reasons to me! I am not joining in, because I only want to lose 2 kg and I don't think that will give me any chance of winning, but I secretly hope to get some motivation out of your contest;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope you obtain all of your goals! I agree with the other comments...consistency is the key! Once you become consistent, you'll feel aweful when you eat unhealthy or miss a day of exercise...that's how it worked for me anyways :) I also think you have to workout and change your eating habits...just doing one won't work. That's my 2 cents...good luck!

P.S. You guys shouldn't have let the boys enter...boys lose weight much quicker and have an unfair advantage...but I have faith in you girls :)