Blogging from B&N

I'm writing from Barnes & Noble and I'm not sure how long I have left on my internet access so this'll be a quick update on the state of things...

Our internet at the house is officially gone! The new apartments next door are now high enough that they are blocking our line-of-sight to the wireless internet tower. Every once in a while I somehow get a few new emails in my inbox or a couple of new "tweets", but I can't send anything or surf anything. It totally sucks! Especially since I threw away my phone books, so I have to go to Barnes & Noble just to look for a new internet provider. I'm sure I'll be on the phone begging people to come out and see if we can get something asap! Right now, the slow version of DSL looks like our best option. Poop!

The house is getting SOOOO close to done! We should have our final building inspection next Tuesday or Wednesday! The ONLY thing left (I think) for final is plumbing fixtures, and they're scheduled to come out Monday! This doesn't mean we're ready to move in because flooring isn't done, but the inspections will be done. Also, flooring should be mostly done next week. The lofts should be the only part without flooring a week from now!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I see many sleepless nights coming up for me as I pack, decorate, reorganize, and more over the next few months!!! YEA!!! Also, these last 2 weeks have been probably the busiest yet. I have seriously probably had 10 different subs in the house, met with the sheriff's agent, been on the phone constantly, been to Lowes and other vendors to pick up things... but I've gotten SO MUCH accomplished! I know I am not the one really doing the work, but organizing everything and keeping on top of everyone while making sure the family is taken care of and all questions are answered and everything is being done the way that I want it... it's just not easy and pretty freakin' exhausting. But I love it, and can't wait to see the fruits of my labor! Also, I love that Annabelle is just about as excited about her new room as I am!

Corgan is doing great at school. He's not even crying when we leave him now. Keith has been AWESOME and has been taking the kids and picking them up a majority of the time for the past few weeks. It really seems to add a lot of time to my free hours!

Annabelle still needs naps, but usually refuses to take them. I really REALLY dislike this phase! Bedtime hasn't been great lately either.

I've been losing my patience with my kids lately. I used to think I was a model mommy, but lately, I'm kinda embarrassed about my mommy-behavior. I think it's a combination of always having this house stuff on my mind, still worrying about our ex-GC, and the ages that the kids are at. Annabelle went through about a month where she was being really good, but then she just started acting up A LOT again. And Corgan cries A LOT lately! Actually... "cries" is putting it lightly. He seems to scream for at least 10 minutes every time he wakes up. He's getting quite an attitude. The kids are starting to really push each other and push each other's buttons lately too. I promise, they are 10 times worse when I'm by myself with them than they are when other people are around. I yell at them way more than I should, but sometimes I feel like that's the only way to get their attention. Sigh. Even though they can both be bad and make me crazy quite often lately, they both have their super-sweet moments too. Annabelle still says "I like you Mommy" or "I love you" randomly quite often. And Corgan is cuddling more lately too. My favorite time of the day lately is putting Corgan to bed because now Annabelle wants to be in on the rocking part. After reading a story to both of them (well... looking at a "Look and Find" book... which they both LOVE and is great for two kids their ages!), they both grab their blankets while I turn out the lights and put on a Smashing Pumpkins Rock-a-Bye Baby CD, then they each crawl on a leg and put their heads on their respective blankets on each of my shoulders, and I rock them for a song. Sometimes they even put their arms around each other. It's the best thing I've ever experienced as a mom of two!

I'm so excited about Annabelle's birthday party, and she is too. It's been fun planning it and having her input! That part of her age is lots of fun.

In summary, even though I get frustrated quite often, life is really rocking right now (except for this internet thing). My mom is going to be here soon too, so hopefully I'll get enough of a break from the kids that I'll get a second wind as a Mommy! :) Not that having both kids in school isn't a break and Keith hasn't been taking care of the kids on his own LOTS more than usual, but having Grammy around always rules!

P.S. So much for "quick update". :)


Angelle said...

I wish we could be there for Annabelle's birthday party. One of these years we will come down for the week and see both Belle and Halle.

Can't wait for the final inspections to go through!

Kelly Albert said...

Your a WONDERFUL mother. Don't ever question yourself on that. Usually yelling is the best way to get through to kids. I think that more parents should be this way.... esp if its to teach the kids. With all that you have going on you are doing wonderful. I mean look at all the stuff on your plate. It exhausts me- haha! I can't wait to see the house!! It's gonna be so unique- not that a barn house isn't already- lol. SOOO wish we could be there for Belle's bday too!!! I know it will be great.

Not sure if you saw my facebook status, but I lost another 4 lbs :) That put me at a total weight loss of 10 lbs!!! YEA!!! Still got another 20 to go, but Its def going well. Jason's lost 9 :)

LynnMach said...

Congrats on seeing the end in sight with house stuff. Can't wait to see the photos.
As for the mommy stuff, your kids are very lucky to have a great family like yours. If they have a mommy that yells, well thats just part of real life! :)