Movin' Right Along

I finally had what I felt was a good workout last night after 2 weeks of no exercise and 1 semi-okay workout. I decided to try my boxametrics class on Monday, and had to do the wuss version of a few of the exercises to avoid hurting my back. I also could tell that my muscles were losing their strength because my quads actually cramped up and I wasn't able to do one of the exercises! Ugh! They were pretty sore for the next couple of days, but fortunately they seemed okay at my boxametrics class last night. Last night I only had to wuss it up on one of the exercises ("hovering" is what my guy calls it... when you are in push up position except that you're on your elbows and you just stay in that position for about a minute. If you haven't tried that, do it. It's MUCH harder than it sounds.). I had to do the "hover" with my knees touching the ground to keep from putting too much pressure on my lower back. It's so annoying to have to take a step backwards, but at least I'm getting back there quickly. We got to do the mother of all punching circuits tonight, and I LOVED it! It wore me out and I'm sure my arms are going to be so sore, but it was so much fun! I haven't tried running again, and will probably wait a little while since that seems to stress my joints, but the elliptical doesn't seem to bother me at all. I'm sure I'll be stepping it up again now (at least as much as my owner-builder schedule allows). Unfortunately, my boxametrics class is over now, except for a half-hour personal session that he's going to give me next week to make up for a class that I had to miss when the kids were sick and Keith was out of town. I would love to do the boxametrics class again, but will have to make sure that we can do it at a different time because it was just too hard to schedule the kids since Keith seemed to have to be traveling for work for about 6 out of my 8 classes and the class is after the gym daycare's hours. Fortunately, last night Nikki volunteered to let the kids come over and play with Halle during my session, so I got to go.

The barn is moving along. The plumbers and HVAC guys have been here for rough-ins all week. Both are at a stopping point, and are waiting on something else (electric and framing) before they can finish. The electricians are coming back out today, and the framing should be completed next Monday, so hopefully they can finish up early next week and I can get the inspections scheduled. I'm REALLY nervous about the framing and pre-lath inspections though, because I've already had lots of problems with getting the permit changes (I'll be back at the building department either this afternoon or tomorrow). Hopefully if it fails for anything, it will be minor because I'd REALLY like to get that passed before Thanksgiving week so that in December we can just move along with the insulation and drywall and knock this thing out! Between dealing with the lawyer issues, scheduling and overseeing plumbing, HVAC, electric, framing, landscaping, security system installation, permit issues, independent inspections, DirecTV, and getting additional quotes, and starting to paint the animals in the kids' playroom, this has already been another ridiculously busy week, but A LOT has gotten done too!

P.S. Anyone remember who sings the song "Movin' Right Along" from our (or at least my) childhood without following this link? I wonder if Annabelle and Corgan would like watching that yet?


Angelle said...

Since I am a total Muppet junkie, I of course remembered it was Muppet song. Was not sure of which movie it was from, but I knew it WASN'T Muppets Take Manhattan since I have that one memorized.

Arielle said...

Without clicking the comments and reading Angelle's, I already had it in my head... Fozzie & Kermit, and the Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem from the Muppet Movie!

ljkolumbus said...

I hope my grandkids love the Muppets and Disney as much as my kids did!! Obviously!! I am so proud of all the good things you are doing for your family.. Can't wait to see you all! Love you and miss you so much