Donald Girl's Night Out

The other night, Bellee and I had a Girl's Night Out. We left Daddy and Corgan at home sleeping and drove up near Cape Canaveral to see the night launch as closely as possible. This was Annabelle's first night launch. We found a little park just in time to get out and see the sky light up!

Here are two girls, happy to be out in the windy night air of this perfect night waiting for the shuttle to take off!

The amazingness of the sky lighting up as we have lift off! This is a view you just can't appreciate without seeing it up close and in person! If you've never seen a night launch up close, it's something I think it's something that should be on your to-do list!

After the launch, we headed to Cocoa Village for some homemade icecream. It was GOOOOOOOD!

As you can tell from her Jack Nicholson eyes, Belle really liked her chocolate ice cream.

There's the face that I love!

I really don't get to go out with Belle alone much anymore and hadn't realized that until after our girl's night. It was lots of fun spending a few hours alone with my little girl. She loved watching the Little Einsteins go up in the rocket (haha!), and said that when she grows up she wants to do that too. We had lots of laughs at the ice cream shop and even had fun doing some Christmas list making at Target afterwards. The whole night, Belle was such a joy to be around and didn't whine once! It's nights like this that make all of the seemly unbearable terrible twos days worth it! I love my Bellee!


Angelle said...

Spending time one-on-one with a child is so rewarding. They behave and they genuinely love just hanging out with you. Such an important thing to do when you have more than one. Glad you girls had so much fun!

Christina said...

How cute. I'm glad you guys got some one on one time.

Kelly Albert said...

So sweet! Who doesn't love a girls night out- even if it is with a 2 year old girl ;) Can't wait to see you guys! Love you