Thanks Winn Dixie

This afternoon I managed to sneak in a quick workout at the gym. Corgan was really crabby this morning because he had a sore throat, but after a nap he seemed to be feeling better (and he didn't have a fever) and Annabelle had been begging to go to "Mommy's exercise" (she LOVES the daycare there... it seriously is like going to KidZone to her) so we went. I got in 30 HARD minutes on the elliptical (384 calories burned, plus more because I did it with wrist weights on and worked my arms at the same time), then I decided to see how I could hold up with a jump rope. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with my coordination. :) When I was a kid, I loved jumping rope (never could double-dutch though). I felt like I was 12 again... except it was much harder. :) I was shooting for 10 minutes, but after about 8 minutes, the daycare lady came to tell me that Corgan was not happy. I was surprised that I even got that much time in at the gym. Hopefully he'll be totally better tomorrow so I can stay longer. :)

So... about Winn Dixie. WD is in the plaza with my gym so I took the kids over there after picking them up so we could pick up some groceries. As I walked past the meat department, I started thinking that I've lost 12 pounds and I wondered what that looked like in "meat". So I separated out about 12 pounds worth of beef... WOW! If you've lost weight and ever feel like you can't tell a difference, I recommend that you try that!


Angelle said...

That Winn Dixie thing made me laugh out loud! I can imagine what the workers must have tough of you. :)

Kelly Albert said...

Wow- you are really doing GREAT. I'm so impressed at your determination and ambition. Way to go! Sounds like the Wii Fit is lots of fun!!!! Love you.
Also- I noticed that you've lost a total of 12, so I guess your slump of losing is gone :)

Jill Fosness said...

Nice! LOL!

I picked up a 10lb bag of sugar on Sunday and had that same basic feeling!! To pick up a 10lb bag and think, I used to be carrying this around with me everywhere I went! Crazy!

I'd be really impressed to see it all in raw meat, cause I think the grotesqueness of that would REALLY sink in! Great experiment!

I will definitely think of your story whenever I get that "I don't see any difference" frustrated feeling!

Chelsi said...

WTG on all your exercise and weight loss, you are doing amazing - especially with Keith being out of town and the kids being sick on top of it! Very inspiring!!