Quick Tip

Something I've been doing to make me eat smaller portions without realizing that I'm eating much smaller portions is using smaller plates and bowls. The kids have a collection of IKEA bowls that are about 1 cup size each. I use those when I want a bowl of cereal. It's pre-measured for me (so I don't have to dirty a measuring cup to determine the serving size, and if the serving is 3/4 cup, I just don't fill it all the way), and I don't feel like I'm eating next to nothing by looking at a mostly empty normal-sized bowl when I haven't even taken a bite yet. I also eat many of my regular entrees on either the IKEA kids plates or on my 6" fiesta dishes instead of on my regular dinner plates.

Happy Healthy Eating!


Angelle said...

I have thought of that before, but I never actually did it when it came to dinnertime. I will be doing it from now on though. :)

Anonymous said...

Great tip! I got into a habit of grabbing my water bottle or a bottle of water every time I leave the house. It's amazing how much more water you drink when you do that. I love 100 calorie packs too! They have a really good chocolate covered pretzel one!