I'm Down

I'm down to 163 now, which is my pre-Annabelle weight! I've been there since yesterday, but since I gave blood the day before, I didn't want to announce that only to find out that I was only down because of my missing blood. :) That puts me down 15.6 lbs (I've actually been at 163.2) with only 8.2 lbs to go to my goal weight! Yea!

On the other hand, although I feel pretty good and am happy with my results, I don't feel like I look as good as I felt like I looked pre-Annabelle. I would think it would be the opposite since I work out now and I didn't then, but... oh well. I have a post-pregnant body so I guess that explains it. :S I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever have a flat stomach again... especially with my sliced pelvis-area from the c-sections.

Another exciting "down" that I've experienced recently is that on Sunday I did the body composition analysis again and I'm now down to 31.8%! That's almost a 5% improvement over 6 weeks ago! Also, 33% was the top of the target range, so I'm finally in my target range! My non-fat weight has gone up another pound since I last weighed in, so 6 weeks ago I started with 111.5 lbs of non-fat, and now I am 111 lbs. A few weeks ago my non-fat was at 109 lbs, so I'm definitely gaining muscle while loosing fat! Yea!

And yet one more down... my swimming time. I finally got back in the gym pool on Sunday and I swam a quarter-mile in 10:45! Last time I was at 12 minutes! And on top of that, the bathing suit that I bought just a few months ago and loved on me is now fitting me so loosely that it's all wrinkled on my torso and I could feel the water flowing through it while I was swimming. I went out that afternoon to buy a new bathing suit, but I am not sure that my stomach is ready for a bikini and I couldn't find any others that I liked on me. Crazy that 15 lbs ago, I found a bathing suit that I loved, but now I'm having trouble finding one.


ljkolumbus said...

so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

GO KERI!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your are doing awesome and should be very proud! I weigh less than before kids and I still feel like my body is not bikini ready...it's strange how that happens after being prego! Keep up the good work!

By the way, I did a spinning class today...what a great workout! Have you tried spinning?


Kelly Albert said...

Way to go Keri! That's awesome. So happy that you are doing so well on your competition. I can't wait to see your AFTER picture in a few weeks- yea!! I love you! Keep it up.

Angelle said...

You go, girl! You are gonna look HOT at Hive. :) I hope I am there with you. My weight loss is VERY slow!