Happy Grandparents Day!

On Annabelle's recommendation, instead of making cards for the grandparents for Grandparents Day, she painted pictures for each of them. She helped me pick out each special picture for each grandparent...

Grandmama's picture reminded her of Grandmama's puppy dog, Max. Belle loves when Grandmama takes her outside to play with Max or brings Max inside to play with her.

Granddaddy's picture reminded her of watching birdies with her Granddaddy. He has 2 birds that Annabelle helps him feed when we're there visiting.

Grammy's picture reminded her of the Dumbo story that she made Grammy read over and over and over and over again. She also liked it because she likes when Grammy gives her baths.

Papa's picture made her think of Papa making the leaves "rain" on them when we were up there for Christmas. It's just a bonus that Thumper happens to be in the picture, because Thumper has a special meaning in our family too (Thumper almost got my dad arrested when I was a baby... it was a total misunderstanding though. :)).

Because I seem to be running late with everything these days, none of the grandparents have these pictures in his or her possession, but they will soon. :)

Also, Annabelle made a special flower for her grandparents at school this week. She only made one though and I don't think it will travel well anyway, so I guess I'll hold on to it and send the picture along to the grandparents (or maybe I'll sell it to the highest bidder... this house addition is costing more than we thought it would). :)

Corgan isn't able to make much yet (except for a mess and poopie diapers, but I don't think any of the grandparents want either of those things), but he did want to send a big Corgan grin to help brighten Grandmama & Granddaddy's and Grammy & Papa's day!

Happy Grandparents Day!


ljkolumbus said...

TEll Belle Grammy and Papa "loved" our pictures - she did a great job picking the pictures and the coloring :) and of course, we loved Corgan's grin too! Just got home from using the gift card you gave us to Ruth's Chris - yummy!! Thanks, that and getting to hang out with the grandbabies too.. what more could a Grammy want???
Love you all!!

Nikki said...

Sooo cute! Love Belle's paintings!