Going Kid Crazy?

Annabelle has had a UTI again. She first started showing signs of it Thursday night, but then Friday morning seemed totally fine so I just wrote it off as something else. Then, of course, Friday night she started running a fever and was complaining about hurting again. After a call to the on-call doc, I decided to take her to the urgent care clinic in the morning, as long as nothing drastic happened overnight. It didn't, so instead of taking Annabelle to gymnastics Saturday morning then going to Halle's for some swimming, we went to the clinic. Things went pretty well there, and although she still had a fever (I'd been keeping it under control with tylenol and motrin), it wasn't too bad so they gave us a prescription and off we went. Annabelle hadn't eaten anything yet (she was refusing food), so I decided to drop off the prescription and go get her anything that she would eat. I offered BK hamburgers, tacos, chicken nuggets, and even a milkshake. The only one that she showed any interest in was a milkshake. From the time that we left the clinic to about 10 minutes later, she was a totally different child. She had become VERY lethargic, looked dehydrated, was staring into space, and wouldn't answer my questions. At one point I thought she had passed out because she was limped over and was drooling. I got the milkshake and got out of the car to try to get her to drink it. She wouldn't suck on the straw.... just sat there like she was asleep with her eyes open. I was getting very scared that maybe she had developed a kidney infection.

I went back to the drug store to pick up the prescription, even though the 30 minutes that they said it would take hadn't even passed yet. I told them I needed it asap, so they gave me the medicine and I drove to the nearest parking spot to give it to her immediately. As I looked at the bottle to see how much to give her, I read "Give ASHLEY 1 tsp every 8 hours for 10 days." Ashley? So I looked again and they had given me the wrong person's prescription. Ugh. So back to the drive-up window and I finally got Annabelle's. I gave her the meds and went straight home to try to get her to eat or drink something.

At home I still didn't have much luck with the food or drink, but she relaxed on the sofa and fell asleep for a little while. When she woke up, she was complaining that her throat hurt so she still didn't want to eat anything. The rest of the day went by and FINALLY at dinner she ate a few sweet potato fries. At least that was something. She still wasn't drinking much either.

Then bedtime came. She seemed to be feeling much better. Was running around and still somehow had energy, despite the lack of food. I read her stories, did the regular bedtime routine, and she was asleep in no-time.

Then about 15 minutes I heard screaming coming from Annabelle's bed. I knew it was something serious by the tone, so I ran down to find her crying about having "spit up" in her bed. She had thrown up a little bit. I got her out of bed, and as I sat there trying to console her, she started throwing up more. She didn't have much in her stomach, so there was a combination of dry-heaving and mucus all over the downstairs hall and the kitchen floor. I was getting VERY worried because the night before the on-call doctor had told me that as long as she didn't start throwing up she should be okay to wait until the morning. Of course, I immediately called the on-call doctor and explained the situation. She assured me that as long as she didn't continue throwing up, she probably just had a virus on top of the UTI. Still, I was alone with the 2 kids (Keith was traveling) and was worried about having to make a middle-of-the-night run to the hospital with 2 kids (past bedtime) on a Saturday night.

After a couple of hours of trying to get her to drink anything (with no success) and calming her down to fall asleep on the living room floor, everything was finally peaceful. I slept on the floor with her for a few hours, then moved to the sofa so that I wasn't far away in case she woke up again.

Sunday morning came and, except for a wicked sore throat, she seemed much better. Annabelle still didn't want to eat, but I managed to get some milk into her so that was good. The three of us went for a bike ride, went swimming, rode bikes some more, then came home. In the afternoon, Annabelle finally started eating a little bit. I decided that since she hadn't been "sick" for 24 hours, I was going to let the soreness of Annabelle's throat determine whether to take her to school in the morning. When she woke up this morning, she said her throat still hurt, but she's been eating and drinking okay, so I think it's pretty much better. Sigh.

So... where does the "Going Kid Crazy" come in to play? Both kids have been pretty good this weekend. Since it's just me and the kids, I've been trying to still leave the house to avoid going stir crazy, but since Belle has been sick, there hasn't been any other kid interaction (except for each other, of course). I think they're both getting tired of spending so much time together and Annabelle is so ready to play with other kids. She's been pretty good lately, but is starting to drive me crazy today. I'm not getting any breaks either, so I'm going kid crazy too. Fortunately, I've been a bit creative about still getting in a little workout each day, so I think that's helping the situation, but I'm still itchin' to get back into the gym and workout without having to worry about someone waking up from a nap or screaming because he's tired of riding on the bike. Unfortunately, Corgan has a runny nose now and feels like he's got a fever. I PRAY that he is just teething and doesn't get what Belle had, and that I don't get it either!


Angelle said...

That sucks! I am SO happy to hear that she is doing better today. If you read my post, Leah had a sore throat this weekend and wouldn't eat for 24 hrs too. Strange...

Anonymous said...

I'm so...sorry! That sounds miserable! Shelby has been very sick for a week too. It must be a bad virus because she seriously never gets sick. I hope things get better! 12 lbs. weight loss is great especially considering you haven't been able to workout regularly! Hang in there!


Nikki said...

Oh man! That SUCKS that you had such a scare, especially with Keith gone. :( And of course, sucks for Belle that she has to go through this again. :( Glad she is feeling better. Hope Corgan's better soon too!

ljkolumbus said...

Hope your week continues to get better and that everyone (including you) gets and stays healthy!! You're a good Mommy! Keep us informed of the progress! Glad that Ike isn't headed your direction!!!!