Another Good Number

When I first started working out a few weeks ago and they did my orientation at the gym, one of the things that they measure if your "resting heart rate".  At the time, my RHR was 75 which meant that my target heart rate while working out shouldn't exceed 152.  They told me that I needed to slow down if my HR got above 152 while working out.  I found that I was going up in the high 160s (and even hitting the 170s if I was REALLY working hard), but I didn't listen to the "slow down" warning.

I noticed that my HR is typically above 152 when I'm working out, so I asked them to recheck my RHR yesterday.  It was down to 69, which means that my safe heart rate goes up to like 170. That makes much more sense.

In summary, my RHR went from 75 to 69, which is just another indicator of how much healthier I'm getting! :)


Anonymous said...

That's great! It's always good to hear that you are healthy:) By the way, Brenda Walsh has always had a gap :)


Jill Fosness said...

I'm glad you rechecked that, need to keep that in mind so I can re-evaluate in the future. Right now my trainer has told me to not count any cardio that I don't have my heart rate above 160 (based on my resting heart rate). Which means, the 3-4 minutes it takes me to get to 160, doesn't count towards my daily 30 min. He didn't give me a max, perhaps I should ask him about that at my next appointment. Just another oddity about how individual bodies require such incredibly different things!