Today's Workout

I'm back from my workout. Today since I wasn't on any kind of time crunch, I decided to ride my bike to the gym. It's only 3 miles away so it isn't a really long ride, but as I was riding I starting thinking about how much I really do love using my bike as a means of transportation. I love that I get exercise, I love that I get sun, I love that it's "green" and cheap. I just wish that America was more bike-friendly! Most of the ride is relatively safe, but there's one section of about .25 miles where I'm on a busy road that is known for being unsafe in the first place and it has the added bonus of being all torn up for construction! That part scares me, but I'm on super-high alert of my surroundings when crossing that road and riding along it. And, of course, I wear my helmet. :)

I'm sure I look pretty silly riding my cruiser bike with 2 kid seats attached to it and no kids riding along with me. I tried to take Keith's bike, but it's just too tall for me, even with the seat all of the way down. I don't really ride enough to justify going out and buying a racing/road bike for me, but it would be nice to have one for times like this... especially since I'm considering doing the sprint distance triathalon here in Brevard in October (on the last weigh-in day of our Biggest Loser contest). Maybe I'll find someone to borrow one from for the next couple of months? We'll see.

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Angelle said...

You would be my freaking hero if you did the triathalon! I was so impressed with Nikki when she did it last year. How amazing!