Quest to be a Loser- Week 1

At the end of week 1, I've already lost 4.6 pounds! I know a lot of that is probably water weight and/or just the extra fat that I've been storing up, but either way... it's gone never to return (until baby #3)! :) On Sunday last week, I did the Tanita at the gym and it said that my fat % was 36.7, but by Wednesday when I redid it after only 3 days of working out and dieting, I was already down to 35.8%! Also, according to their scale, all of the weight that I had lost by Wednesday (3 lbs) was fat too!

I worked out 5 of the 7 days last week, and am a little ashamed that the 2 days were in a row. I took off Friday because the morning was incredibly busy, and by the time I had a chance to get to the gym, I was already exhausted and decided that I should take the day off to fight the cold that had been knocking at my door (or rather, my sinuses) instead of exhausting myself even further and ended up with a full blown head cold which would just put me even further behind. So I napped instead of working out. Then yesterday was another super-busy morning and afternoon, and by the time that I said "Okay... I'm going to get ready to go to the gym now" it was 4:45 and I went to check the classes schedule at the gym and noticed that they close at 5pm. It was very rainy and wet outside, so I didn't want to try to run (plus... I'm trying to avoid having a knee injury and running outside would aggravate it, I'm sure). Anyway... after numerous excuses... I didn't workout yesterday either. But I did keep up the WW diet all week long, and did very well on it despite trips to Ben & Jerry's (I didn't even have a bite!), Chick-fil-A (a chargrilled chicken sandwich on non-buttered bread with honey mustard sauce is only about 5 points!), and Mrs. Fields (again... not a bite!). I've been very proud of my restraint. It's definitely harder when you have kids and they have sweets and you want to taste them. Overall, the being hungry part hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be though. I never really feel full, but I also never feel starving. The 100 calorie packs are a God-send when it comes to a sweet-tooth like mine! You just have to be sure to check the fat content on some of them, but most of them are great (and only 2 points!)!

Anyway, after a great weigh in, I'm all pumped to head to the gym for another exhausting workout this morning. Wish me luck!


Angelle said...

Congrats on the great week! Keep it up and we will all look HOT at Hive!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Sounds like your on a good road! You'll have to work extra hard to beat those boys...go girls!