My Waterproof Camera!

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my new camera! My old point-and-shoot camera was, well... old. It has been banged around a bit, so the video isn't working on it anymore, and it's been acting like it's going to take it's last picture anyday. I love my big digital SLR, but it's always nice to have a convenient little camera to pull out at a moment's notice and an easy way to take mini-movies too. When I was out shopping recently, I noticed that they now make digital underwater cameras that are basically the same as regular point-and-shoots, but they have the added bonus of being waterproof (and even shockproof)! I asked for one of these great cameras for my birthday... and it just arrived in the mail yesterday! :)

We headed out to the pool this afternoon to put the camera to the test. It was very strange to actually put the camera under water because for years I've been trying to hold the camera out of the water when I have it in the pool. I had to finally force myself to just put it under the water and take a picture. :) The pictures that this camera takes are AMAZING! I love it, and I love that it is able to capture just how much Annabelle REALLY loves the water!  I'm looking forward to getting in the pool with 3 adults so that 2 can be keeping an eye on the kids, while the third (me!) takes lots of pictures and video!  More to come... I'm sure!

Annabelle's new thing is that she loves to jump in the water and do a turn (or two) before grabbing on to the wall or swimming to someone.  That's what she's doing in this first movie.

Here we see how well Corgan is doing in the water, then Annabelle jumps in, fakes swimming to Mommy, then continues on to Olivia (the camera woman).


Nikki said...

I don't know what I'm more impressed with.. the quality of the underwater pictures or Annabelle's swimming skills! Beautiful shots and videos!!!

Anonymous said...

hey! what kind of camera? NvL

Erica Lynn said...

how fun!! Nikki is right, I have no idea which to be more impressed with :)

Keith Donald said...

Our daughter is a seriously a fish!