Gymnastics with Corgan

Today was Corgan's first gymnastics class, and he LOVED it! He's still only taking about 5-6 steps at a time, but he tries to walk all of the time now, so I have him in the beginner walkers class instead of the crawlers class. I was actually really impressed with the things that he tried and did. I was probably most impressed with him sitting on this dinosaur-looking rocking-horse-like-thing and rocking himself like crazy. He held on to the rope himself and even cracked himself up at laying his head on the head of the dino then looking up at me to see if I was looking. It was SO adorable. He loved crawling up all of the steps and playing on the slide. He even went on one of their small kiddie slides all by himself by crawling up the steps then going down the slide on his tummy. He so independent!

It's so crazy to think that Annabelle was even a couple of months older than he is now when she first started the class. He seems to be every bit as active and adventurous as she was, if not more. I sure do have my hands full!

I thought it was kinda funny that there is only one girl in Corgan's class. There are about 5 other boys, but they are all at least 15 months or so. It's crazy how much difference 3 months makes at this age. Corgan doesn't mind though. Due to bad timing on my part, I was late getting to class so we missed "circle time" (where they sing songs with the kids), but he had fun with the bubbles and "bye-byes" at the end. :) It was so sweet, and I'm looking forward to these classes with Corgan.

Yesterday afternoon, we met Benjamin and Lucas at Pump It Up. Annabelle figured out how to climb up on this big semi-sphere in the middle of one of the bounce houses on her own (that is not easy for her little legs, especially with socks on) so she spent lots of time climbing up and jumping down off of it. Corgan even had a ball crawling all over the infant area, bouncing with Mommy in the bounce house, and sliding on the semi-sphere. We went just a month ago, and he barely cared about anything but holding on to Mommy, so it was fun to see him starting to play like that too.


ljkolumbus said...

Oh, I can't wait to see him at his Gymnastics class :) I agree, he is going to be like his Uncle Kyle.. ready to try it all!! No fear! (course, his Mom and Aunt Kelly were pretty daring too !

See you soon!!

Keith Donald said...

Boys and gymastics. I think I'm ok with that, but we should make sure to mix in some manly things.