My Day of Rest

I've decided that my body needs me to take a day off from exercising.  If you check out my traineo account (by clicking on the traineo button in the right column), you'll see that I have been burning at least 800 calories/day for the past 4 days (you can mouse over the individual dots on the "training graph" and it will tell you exactly what I did each day).  I think that's really starting to fatigue my body.  I don't feel sore, just very, very fatigued.  I have a feeling that between my diet and burning that many calories, my body isn't getting the nutrition that it needs to keep going.  Maybe a day of rest will help.  I even considered a day off of the diet too since I have been hungrier than normal for the past day or so, but that may be too much.
While I'm talking about dieting and exercise, I guess I should mention that I've also reached a very important milestone today... I'm at my pre-Corgan weight!  It only took me 1 year and 5 days to get back to the weight that I was 38 weeks before he was born.  :)  Haha.  I kinda thought that this milestone would have come a few days ago, but I have a feeling that I'm actually gaining muscle weight because I can feel my arm and leg muscles forming even when I'm not exercising now.  So, even though I weigh the same as I did pre-Corgan, I'm sure my clothes fit better now since I have muscle.  Not great news for the Biggest Loser contest, but muscle burns more than fat so hopefully within the 8 weeks it will all balance out.

P.S. Only 5 lbs to go before I'm at my pre-Annabelle weight.


Nikki said...

Congratulations!! And that's awesome that you're at 10 total pounds lost. You definitely deserve to win this competition. No one can say you're not giving it your all!

Angelle said...

Hooray for pre-baby weight. I was the same pre-baby weight for both kids and I am now 7 lbs from that. Then our bodies can pretend they never gave birth. )

I cannot believe the amount of calories you are burning. How much cardio do you do a day?

Keri Donald said...

Depends on the day. Elliptical is usually the only constant, but there is also swimming, biking, and aerobics thrown in there. I also do weight training, but I only report the time that I am actually doing the weight work, not the rest time in between so even though I spend like 30 minutes on "weights", I only count about 15 as calorie-burning time.

By the way, go to and if you mouse-over the training graph dots, you'll see what I've done each day. On traineo, for the elliptical I use whatever the machine told me for calories burned, but for the others that don't have a machine, I use traineo's numbers (usually based on "medium" level... sometimes "hard" though).

Kelly Albert said...

That's my sis. You defintely deserve a day off for YOU. You don't want to get burned out. Don't worry- one day won't kill you and you have done SOOO well. I mean 10 lbs in 2 weeks is phenominal. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Guess that means Chinese for dinner tonight eh? Nicole

Jill Fosness said...

Doing that much working out and you're not sore?!? I hurt every day!! I literally wobble around in the mornings!

Quick question- you're taking a daily vitamin right?? That totally helped me when I hit that "very fatigued" feeling late last week. That and I added more vitamin D fortified calcium (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese) in with my WW plan. Remember you get 35 "bonus" pts a week you "can" use if you're feeling overly hungry - give your body the fuel it needs to keep losing weight! And don't forget to eat the points your earning with all your exercising!!

Keep up the great work. YOU are an inspiration!