Your What?

Annabelle has always been a fan of flashcards. Her love of them started with the Baby Einstein pack of animal flashcards when she was like 9 months old. She has her Dora cards that help with numbers and colors (and Spanish too, of course) and some other number-related ones. And now, thanks to Target's One Spot, we are now the proud owners of a few more sets of flash cards. Annabelle just loves going through flashcards of landmarks, animals, letters, small words (this one is still above her level and she isn't remembering any of them yet, but she still asks to see them occasionally), insects, and dinosaurs. For most of the cards sets, I edit the pack down to a manageable number of cards for her to be able to learn the objects (although the dinosaur pack seems hopeless because I can't even pronounce most of them). She seriously loves it.

So... tonight we added the "space" set to the mix. We sat on the couch going through the whole set for the first time. As I said the name, she'd repeat it after me...

Me: "Big Dipper"
Belle: "Big Dipper"

Me: "Saturn"
Belle: "Saturn"

Me: "Space suit"
Belle: "Space suit"

Me: "Uranus"
Belle: "My anus"


Sally said...

Laughing sooo hard at this... :D

Angelle said...

That is SO funny! Maybe it would help if you pronounced it "your-in-us" instead. :)

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, I'm laughing out loud that is so funny!

I bought all of those too. Don't you just love the 1 spot. I also went to office depot and bought the rings for the 3 ring binders and punched holes in all of the cards so Zach could look at them on our long car trip to WVA w/o dropping them.

ljkolumbus said...

that's my girl :) Christina, what a cool idea.. Belle has the cards all over the place and that way you can keep the sets together and she can play with them without dropping them! Love this sharing Mommy ideas! Even for Grammy's!! said...

ok i was there last night when this happened... and i tell you what.. that kid is ripping off insect names, landmarks, and dinasour names like crazy... and she's TWO!!! and now keri is flashing space related cards at the kid. she's gonna be in college by the time she's SIX!!