I'm hoping that I don't have an "Obsessive Compulsive Belle" on my hands! I know most toddlers like to have something a certain way, but she's ridiculous about her blankets. For a while now, she's been very particular about her blankets when she goes to bed. She has to have "pink blankie cover my toes" (which means that it has to be placed over her body long ways and has to cover her toes and be flat on the bed with her under the blanket... no messy corners), she has to be holding her "star blankie" (and is almost always turned on her right side to hold her blankie), and has to have "green blankie behind me" (it has to be semi-balled up behind her back and head). Now, this crazy obsessiveness is spilling over to any blanket that she has on her when she's in the living room watching TV or whatever. She'll only let you put particular blankets on her (Dora and Spongebob blankets, sometimes "Daddy's blankie", and sometimes not even those depending on her mood) and they have to be put on length-wise, right-side up, with every corner laying perfectly flat! It drives me crazy! If you put the blanket on her correctly, she'll let out a huge whine the second that one of the corners gets folded under if she moves or something. And forget sitting on the couch next to me sharing a blanket... I don't put it on me neat enough for her.

I really hope this is just a phase or a toddler thing, because if she really has OCD... sigh.


Angelle said...

That is hilarious! And she may not grow out of it either. When I was like 4-5, I used to go into stores like Walmart and office supply stores (my step-dad owned one) and rearrange all of the pens and markers back into the correct spots. Oh yeah, and sometimes I still do it..

nicole4fldu@gmail.com said...

folding laundry with belle last night... had to cover her with a blankie... all the corners had to be at right angles to her body and she freaked when folded laundry touched the corners... yikes! i tested it if it was a one time thing... nope. each time thre was a whine... i cracked up!