Patient Belle Update

Apparently I jumped the gun on proclaiming Annabelle to be healthy. I got a call from her pediatrician saying that she's MUCH better than she was for the first UTI-related set of tests, but she does still have mild reflux. Previously, the reflux went back into her kidney, but now it just goes into her ureter. So... she has to go back on the daily amoxicillin and she does have to do the tests again in another year. Although I'm not happy about having her on antibiotics again, I'm REALLY not happy about having to do the tests again in a year!


Angelle said...

Oh man! That sucks. Daily amoxicillin must be a pain. Is it in liquid form?

Those tests will be even less fun in a year. Here's hoping that those will be the last ones!

Kelly Albert said...

Sorry sister! I hope she can get over this so you don't have to do this all the time! Poor Belle.