Our 2 Barns

The garage is ALMOST finished! The garage has drywall up and we got the screw inspection on the drywall this morning, so it just needs to be taped up and finished off now. I FINALLY got the go-ahead to start priming the walls (I'm painting the garage inside myself), so I'm sure I'll be very busy trying to knock that out asap so that we will be ready to move everything out of the workshop and into the new garage as soon as the final inspection of the garage is complete. So... if anyone local is bored and loves painting or moving objects from one building to another, please let me know! I'll be glad to compensate you for your time with meals, beer, or whatever the heck you want! :)

Now, some pictures of the state of the addition as of 5 minutes ago...

Front view of the garage. I LOVE the garage doors that we got. They really go so perfectly with the "X"s on our existing barn. They do open upwards just like regular garage doors (well, they will once all of the hardware is installed). I love the vent at the top too.

Side of the garage barn. This side sorta faces the front door. You can see the entry door and the 3rd garage door (for the lawn mower and easy access to the things in the back of the garage without having to take everything out). Also, if you look closely you can see the outdoor shower fixture above the concrete slab.

View of "Our 2 Barns" from the driveway.

The back of the house. The added part is our master suite. The porch on the very back is going to be screened in and accessed off of our bedroom (french doors will be where there's currently a big hole), and the porch on the side will be open and off of the media room (they'll be cutting that hole this week). The paneling is all up, the roof is done, the soffets are almost complete, the windows are in, and they're just waiting until we can get all of that stuff out of the workshop before they breakthrough that wall and start framing out the rooms in the workshop!

My mom is coming back either tomorrow or Wednesday so I'll have that full-time help again, but only for another week or so. I've already started booking up the rest of the week to get everything that I can completed before she leaves! I still have lots to do. I can't wait to see everything all put together!


Anonymous said...

Ok...so you have the most unique house... you are affectionately known as "our friends who live in the barn :)" I love all the attention to detail!


Erica Lynn said...

Wow it seems like that went up so fast!! I'm trying to catch up on my work so I can come help later on this week :) I actually do love to paint walls ..

Kelly Albert said...

AWESOME!!! Its coming along so good- now that all the permits have been approved ;) Can't wait to see it! Gonna be GINORMOUS! Love you!