Wii Are Family

Here is our Wii Family right now.

From left to right wii have:
Front row- Annabelle (Bellii), Corgan (Cii-Man), My Mom (Grammii), Keith's Dad (Granddadii), Keith's Mom (Grandmamii)
2nd row- Jason (Jaii), Kelly (Kellii), Kelson (Kelsii), Me (Kerii), Keith (Kiith)
3rd row- Cousin Olivia (Oliivia), My Dad (Papa Garii)

I don't think Keith or I really look like our Miis at all, but I can't get one that looks like me. And I was wearing my glasses when I created it, so I made her with glasses. I still can't get over how much Jason's looks like him though (my brother-in-law, Jason, not Konicki)!

I have been trying to buy a Wii Fit every since I heard of them and STILL haven't been able to get one! I can buy one online for 2x the cost, but I'd rather pay the regular price so I keep checking the local stores very often. So far, no luck though! :(

One more wii-related thing... funny story. The first night that Keith and I broke into the Wii, we were playing the tennis game which involves swinging your arm around to hit the ball. Macy kept doing this quiet barking thing and kept running to look behind the TV. I thought for sure that she'd seen a lizard or mouse or something, but didn't understand why the cats weren't after it too. When she just kept doing that for like 15 minutes, I was starting to get a little worried, until my mom pointed out that she was probably freaked out by what we were doing. Apparently she thought we were throwing something for her, but she didn't know what it was or where it was. Poor baby was SO confused!


Nikki said...

Keith's dad looks exactly like him!!

Kelly Albert said...

those are awesome ;) Actually Jason created a Wii character for him on Speedo's system and he looks a lot like that one. I think the facial hair really does it! I can't wait to come play!!!