Photo Gallery Catch Up - Again

I am SOOO behind on posting pictures lately. I have at least still been taking pictures, just haven't been good about sharing them. I spent a few hours tonight catching up on my photo albums, but I'm going to publish them a little bit at a time.

The first group that I published includes pictures from our day at Lisa's Ranch about a month and a half ago! There are pictures of the kids just playing together and getting dirty here, and pictures of the kids playing with Benjamin's pony, Tater Tot, here. My favorites of the group from a story-telling perspective are toward the end of the pony pictures where Benjamin is trying to push Annabelle into the mud puddle that him and Lucas were playing in. It's SOOO cute! In general though, there are SO MANY great picture that Erica took that day, that I just can't pick a favorite!

The next album that I published was also from over a month ago. They are the pictures of the mini-Hive reunion that we had in April. For those of you who don't know, "Hive" is a group of friends that Keith and I sorta married in to via the Konickis (via their wedding really, which is why I say we "married" into the group). Most of the Hivers are people who went to high school or college or both with the Konickis, but a few people have been adopted by the group over the years. Since 2004, a different Hive family (or families) have hosted everyone else for a reunion of friends from all over. These reunions are complete with Mixed CDs with songs contributed by everyone, scrapbook pages, tons of pictures, some guitar playing and singing, games, and wonderful food. And now that we have a growing "Generation Deuce" included, the kids have their own Mix CDs, annual group photos, and matching shirts. Hive weekends always promise to provide lots of fun, and this fall, The Konickis, Erica & Seann, and The Donalds (us!) will be co-hosting Hive Brevard Extravaganza, but we had the luxury of a practice run this past April when the Gallers decided to come for a visit and lots of others jumped on the bandwagon and came for a visit too. :) Anyway, summaries of the events of the weekend are on Nik's blog and Erica's too, so I won't repeat it all, but I did want to post the pictures that I took that weekend, even if there aren't many. There will be another couple of albums of my favorite pictures that Erica took during our photo sessions that weekend coming soon, but there are hundreds that I have to go through to narrow them down. :)

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